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Simple science experiments you can do at home! (Content only in Spanish)

Do you know what biomimetics is?

Download these files and let's do it!

Why do palm leaves have that shape?

Why are oranges spherical?

Why does the plant called honeysuckle twist as it grows?

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Teaching materials (Content only in Spanish)

Teaching and practical materials with which to learn from home

Didactic guides for exhibitions, workshops and films.

Educational material on the animals of the Oceanogràfic.

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Neuroscience, search for life in the solar system, the arrival of man on the Moon ... 

get closer to the most fascinating topics in science at the hands of leading scientists and researchers who have participated in our conference cycles

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Online projections


We invite you to relive the excitement of the secrets of the mummies, the discovery of dinosaur remains, 
the fight for survival at the bottom of the ocean or the musical journey through the main cities of the United States.


Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs

Dinosaurios Alive 

Wild Ocean 

America's Musical Journey 

Courtesy of Giant Screen Films y MacGillivray Freeman



Draw on the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and we will share your drawing on our social media.

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Visit some of the exhibitions that have been part of the Art promenade of the Umbracle thanks to its artistic catalogs.


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