Located between the Museu de les Ciències and the Àgora, the Assut de l’Or esplanade sprawls over more than 12,000 m² of open space.

This is the perfect space for large-scale events and events with a lot of attendees: concerts, product sampling events, outdoor dinners, promotional events, film shoots, product debuts, vehicle exhibitions, complementary activities for large events, etc.

For clients who need large spaces, this is the perfect place. Because of the esplanade's dimensions (12,985 m²), the entire space can be contracted or only a part thereof.

South Lake: 2,715 m²

North Lake: 3,000 m²

Space under the Assut de l’Or Bridge: 7,270 m²

Many companies have contracted this space for promotional activities, thereby taking advantage of the large influx of people who pass by.