If you have the Ciutat Friends or Science Friends pass we remand you that the Hemisfèric ticket offices have been move to the "Museu de les Ciències", so to obtain your Hemisfèric tickets you must go through to the Museum first. 

We provide you Museum's opening hours, the box office always closes half an hour before the building closes. 


This is a members-only club that gives you access to the entire complex. Roam the Museu de les Ciències, Hemisfèric, and Oceanogràfic to your heart's delight, as many times as you'd like, until December 31, 2023. Enjoy all the advantages offered by our club – the most cost-effective option for the whole family to have great fun in a unique environment.


This is a club that allows you to visit the Museu de les Ciències and the Hemisfèric as many times as you'd like for 356 days from the date of purchase. Put on your lab coat at the Museu and sit down in one of the Hemisfèric's auditorium chairs to enjoy films full of adventures, fast-paced action, and –of course– science.


With this pass, you can visit the Oceanogràfic as many times as you'd like until December 31, 2023.
Discover Earth's main oceans and seas, surrounded by more than 500 species and 45,000 specimens. It’s the marine world like you've never seen it before!


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desk in the Oceanogràfic. You can also find                                                                                                                                                How to get here

out more by calling 96 197 46 86.