1. We recommended puchasing tickets on www.cac.es, on (+34) 96 197 46 86 or from the automatic points of sale you will find inside the Museu de les Ciències, in addition to payment with bank or credit card in our ticket offices. 

2. Disinfect your shoes on the rugs at the entrance to the buildings.
3. Mandatory use of the mask as established by legal regulations

4. Wash your hands with disinfecting gel. Available at the entrances and on the floors of the building.

5. Use gloves in the exhibition area of the Museu de les Ciències. Available at the exhibition entrance. 

6. Observe the minimun social distance recommended.

7. Follow the routes marked inside the facilities, as well as the entrance and exit of the buildings.

8. Pay attention to the limits on capacity in the facilities and exhibitions. 

9. Respect the environment. Please deposit used gloves in the bins indicated for that purpose.