Jean Claude Farhi. Jean Claude Farhi.

Finished event

A free exhibition by Jean Claude Farhi that includes eleven ochre pieces of iron in which the constant geometry, the most typical characteristic of this Parisian artist, can be admired. Until February 19, 2012
Lady is a Tramp es la primera escultura que encontramos en la exposición de Claude Farhi

The sculptures on display at the Umbracle are nine ochre-coloured iron pieces and one piece of black covered Corten. Additionally, there is one of his works on display in the Museum’s Calle Menor, They were made between 1998 and 2011.

The exhibition is dedicated to those aspects that have become especially significant to the artist from an intimate and personal approach together with current concerns. Outstanding is the sculpture that evokes the beginning of the exhibition “Lady is a Tramp” (image 1).

Over recent years Farhi’s work has been characterised by the gradual abandoning of colour in favour of steel. Geometry, always present in his work, adopts, through large formats, a special significance: it dominates space by interposing primitive symbols with a personal touch, under the simple appearance of Corten steel often submitted to acid treatment.