Bodies of Women. Francisco Simões

Finished event

La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències is hosting the exhibition entitled 'Bodies of Women' made up of thirteen sculptures by artist Francisco Simões.  This is a free exhibition that is located along the Umbracle's Promenade of Art. Until October 17, 2016   
Escultura de mármol que representa el cuerpo de una mujer del autor Francisco Simões

“Bodies of Women” brings together pieces that represent different female figures made of green, red, black, and travertine marble. According to the curator of the exhibition, Margarida Prieto, the female figure has a fundamental role in the work of the artist: “in his sculptures, Francisco Simões exposes the nakedness of the woman, her movement as if it were a musical composition or a classical ballet in which voluptuousness characterizes her body.”

Francisco Simões was born in 1946, in Porto Brandão (Almada), Portugal. He studied at the Antonio Arroio Decorative Arts School, graduating in 1964. He earned scholarships and studied in Rome, Turin, Novara, and Milan. In 1968, he worked at the Louvre Museum at the invitation of Germain Bazin. In 1969, he moved his residence to Funchal, where he became a member of the board of the Museo Da Quinta das Cruzes. He later returned to Lisbon, holding posts related with culture and the plastic arts.