DNA Genetyc Memory. Javier D'Ambrosio

Finished event

La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències is hosting this exhibition made up of 9 large-scale totems by artist Javier D'Ambrosio. This is a free exhibition that is located along the Umbracle's Promenade of Art and in which visitors can see works conceived by D'Ambrosio as artistic representations of DNA. Until May 1, 2016 www.gabarron.org/es
Escultura de la exposición ADN Memoria Genética del artista Javier D'Ambrosio

This free exhibition came to be after the Belgian-Uruguayan artist's work was on display at the New York headquarters of the Gabarron Foundation. 'DNA Genetic Memory' is made up of towering masts that sit atop metal stands and measure between 7 and 9 meters in height and are 25 centimeters thick. Javier D'Ambrosio uses the trunks of fallen trees and covers them with different colored ribbons and fabrics, especially bright colored ones. For the author, color symbolizes the point of union between cultures.

Javier D'Ambrosio interprets his work in terms of genetics and develops themes based on the origin of the different civilizations through the importance that color has had in all of them. Obsessed with the Earth, ancestral civilizations, and the genetic origin of the different cultures, D'Ambrosio conceives his pieces of art as living elements. Has done individual and collective exhibitions in his country of birth, Uruguay, and in the rest of South America, Europe, and the United States.