Where does the Sun set?

We see the path taken by the Sun as it travels over the horizon as a great arc that stretches between two points. In this module we will learn about these two points, or where the sun 'rises' and the sun 'sets', as it is referred to in everyday language.
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The phrase "The Sun rises in the east and sets in west" is not entirely true. This is true only twice a year: during the Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes. To determine where these two cardinal points are, you need to observe the sunrise or sunset on one of those days. The only other way is to observe the Sun's position at noon –when it is at its highest point—this position will indicate south.

Over the course of a year, sunrise and sunset occurs at varying positions over the horizon. In the northern hemisphere, the point at which the Sun sets moves southward in winter. In summer, this position moves northward.