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Get to know the Umbracle

Get to know the Umbracle, one of the main badges of Santiago Calatrava's proyect.


The Umbracle, a place to stroll and relax, is presented as a showcase where art and nature combine to create a peaceful and welcoming space in which to view sculptures surrounded by numerous plant species.

It is inhabited by the following autochthonous species which change their form and colour through the seasons. The careful distribution of the flowers gives them a delicate chromatic harmony, with red, yellow, orange, violet, and white predominating.

The garden is surrounded by 99 palm trees, 78 small palm trees, 62 bitter orange trees, and 42 varieties of shrubs from the Region of Valencia such as Cistuses, Mastics, Buddleia, Pampas grass, and Plumbagos; 16 plants of Beauty of the Night; 450 climbing plants including Honeysuckle and hanging Bougainvillea; 5,500 carpet plants such as Lotus, Agateas, Spanish Flags, and Fig Marigolds, and a hundred aromatic plants such as Rosemary and Lavender. The predominating flower in the complex is the Bougainvillea as it is a hardy and decorative species.

Astronomy garden

The science os astronomy is very closely linked to instuments for observing and measuring the sky, some examples of which are included in this unique garden. All of the exhibits,– some of them very well known –have been developed throughout history to help humankind understand the movements of the different objects that we can see in the heavens, especially the sun and the stars.

"Astronomy garden"



Art Promenade

The "Art Promenade" is an area that is free of charge to the public.

Exhibitions catalogues, published by the City of Arts and Sciences, can be purchase at the Museum and Hemisfèric shops.

These open-air works can be contemplated by visitors to the upper part of the Umbracle.

"Art Promenade"





Designed by Santiago Calatrava, this is the monumental access gateway to the City of Arts and Sciences. It is located on the south side of the complex alongside the El Saler dual carriageway, and is 320 metres long and 60 metres wide; it represents a novel solution to the parking requirements of the complex with great importance also having been given to its aesthetics. It is a viewpoint parade made up of a succession of 55 fixed arches and 54 floating arches 18 metres in height.