- You must keep your ticket during your visit.
– Follow the instructions of our personnel on site.
– Use the standard entrance and exit doors. Use the emergency exits only in case of emergency.
– It remains forbidden the access to the park with food.
– Do not eat, drink, or smoke inside the facilities. Use the designated areas.
– Smoking is allowed in open spaces with the exception of the Dolphinarium and areas with large crowds.
– Pets are not allowed with the exception of guide dogs for special-needs visitors.
– Swimming in the ponds is not allowed.
– Professional filming and photography without authorization are not allowed
– Tickets are not refundable except in case of cancellation of the show or activity.
- The company is not responsable of lost ítems in the premises.
- The company can change the schedule of activities, projections, and exhibits.
– The company will take pictures of those customers requesting the service. These photos are only meant to be a souvenir and are destroyed at the end of day.
– You must follow the instructions of each of the buildings.