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Its surface area of 42.000m2 allows you to have an interactive experience that aims to bring science and technology closer to the layman in an amusing and pleasant way. Its motto is "Forbidden not to touch, not to feel, and not to think".

We will then make our way to the Calle Mayor, from where we will appreciate the impressive and elegant architectural structure of Santiago Calatrava better than from any other part of the Museum. Over its huge expanse of glass hangs a Foucault's Pendulum, one of the great inventions of science, which demonstrates that the Earth revolves on its own axis.

But this is not the only ingenious element that can be contemplated in this area; we will also see an artistic representation of the DNA molecule, 15 metres high, and three flying machines, Leonardo's model, a real Mirage III, and a replica of the first aeroplane that managed to fly in Spain.

On the first floor of the Museum you will also be able to play with the electricity in Science Theatre. Moreover, there is an area especially for children aged from 3 to 8, Kiddies Corner, in which they can play and experiment accompanied by specialised instructors.

The route continues on the second floor where we come to the legacy of Santiago Ramón y CajalSevero Ochoa and Jean Dausset. We will get to know their research, their awards, their titles, and other aspects of these three Nobel prizewinners.

The visitor's attention is attracted by the Chromosome Forest, a large-scale representation of the 23 pairs of chromosomes of the human genome, around which are developed numerous interactive modules related to the specific genes of each of them and their operation.

Do you want to see our planet from the International Space Station and let yourself be carried away by the telescopes and space satellites images? Are you curious about knowing how they work and how works the largest space telescopes? Do you want to experience the sensation of becoming an astronaut for a day with the Space Simulator? In Zero Gravity all that is possible.

At the Science Museum science is always fun and amusing


(At the opening hours of the museum. The Museu de les Ciències ticket must be purchased)

Get to know first hand the most important contents of the Museu de les Ciències' exhibitions.


  • Length of visit: One hour and thirty minutes, in Spanish (Check availability in other languages).


  • 75 € for a tour guide.


  • Maximum 25 people per guide.


  • 11:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Visits on request on  0034 96 197 46 86 or

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(At the opening hours of the museum - The Science Museum ticket must be purchased)

DURATION: Length of visit: 1,15 hour in Spanish (Check availability in other languages).

PRICES: 3,5 € per person 


TIMETABLE: At the opening hours of the museum

Visits on request on  0034 96 197 46 86 or


(At the opening hours of the museum - The Science Museum ticket must be purchased)


  • Length of visit: 1 hour in Spanish (Check availability in other languages).


  • 3,5 € per person


  • 10 


  • At the opening hours of the museum

Visits on request on  0034 96 197 46 86 or

Do you want to make scientific experiments live?

Do you know how to start up a watch using only orange juice? Do you know how to change water into wine? Would you be able to drive a nail in with an orange? Can you break a pelota ball into a thousand pieces? At the Science Museum questions tend to have answers... Come to workshops and demonstrations where you can see amazing experiments. "Cold, Cold", "Chemical Magic", " The terrifying vacuum", "Red Hot" and "Robots" will surprise you in Science on Stage.

The museum and more (combined tickets)

You can combine your visit to the Science Museum with one to the Hemisfèric (IMAX and Full Dome) or one to the Oceanográfico (aquarium). Or the three at the same time. The City of Arts and Sciences offers you the possibility of buying a single ticket that will allow you entry to the Science Museum, the Oceanográfico, and also a projection at the Hemisfèric, either on the same day or over several days whether they are consecutive or not.

If you are interested in more avant-garde science and also want to immerse yourself in the oceans and seas of the planet, you can complete your visit to the Science Museum with one to the Oceanográfico (using a combined Museum + Oceanográfico ticket) at a special price.

In the same way, visitors to the Science Museum who want to let themselves be seduced by the spectacular IMAX Cinema may acquire a combined ticket to both enclosures and attend the showing of a film, as well as visiting the Museum's interactive exhibitions.

Consult the visiting guidelines of the Science Museum for groups or school groups.