The Electricity Theatre

Through a series of amazing experiments, this animation, included in the Museum’s ticket, pays tribute to electricity and electrostatics
Bobina de Tesla que alcanza los 220.000 hasta los 750.000 amperios protegida por una Jaula de Faraday

In front of an audience of fifty people and with an scenery that simulates the laboratory of an scientist-inventor, a scientist entertainer will try to make understandable scientific concepts related to physical phenomena that produce electricity.

Bells that ring without touching, candles putting out with a metal rod without blowing, jumping rings, arcs that cross space, or neon tubes that light up when touching the ends, are some of the experiences that make us literally ‘to be in a real state’ in the Theater of Electricity.

One of the most surprising features of the activity is the Tesla Coil, an electromagnetic generator with spectacular effects such as bolts over a metre long that will give the onlookers a surprise.

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