First floor.-  A multidisciplinary area which holds demonstrations, shows and scientific productions. Included in the Museu de les Ciències ticket

The workshops are held in Spanish

The Science Theatre is a multidisciplinary area where live demonstrations, shows and scientific productions are staged. A versatile and innovative area with a capacity of 130 spectators, where the idea is to bring them closer to the fun and precision of science through a “staged” format. 

Bells that ring without touching them, candles that blow out using a metal rod without the need to blow them, jumping rings, electric arcs that cross space, or neon tubes that light up when touching the ends, are some of the experiences that literally make our hair stand on end in the “High Voltage” show, which is part of the Science Theatre. One of the most remarkable features is the Tesla Coil: an electromagnetic generator with spectacular effects, such as bolts over a metre long.

*In compliance with the safety regulations, the present capacity of the Science Theatre is 66 people.