L'Espai dels Xiquets. The Kiddies Corner

First floor.- "L'Espai dels Xiquets" (The Kiddies Corner) is an area dedicated exclusively to children from the age of 3 up to 8 years old. They can play and experiment on the senses, the water and the animals and even they construct an unfinished house.   
Túnel de entrada de l'Espai dels Xiquets, una zona especial para que los niños jueguen en el Museu de les Ciències

There are there are four areas in "L'Espai dels Xiquets" (The Kiddies Corner): The Senses and the Water, with interactive very entertaining modules; The Animals, where young visitors learn the morphology of the animals, the diet, habitat, reproduction and protection measures. The youngest can turn for a moment into a baby kangaroo, a great tortoise that rests close to a tree or an enormous scorpion that even moves his pincers. And the fourth area is the Unfinished House: a very special space where children working as a team can build and destroy a house with bricks using cranes, toy cartloads and means of transport. 

The availability of this activity may change according to season. Check the day of your visit. 96 197 46 86

N.B.: check opening hours at Museum ticket offices and information desks.