Santiago Grisolía Exhibition- Second floor

Second floor.- This exhibition shows his accomplishments and the awards and honours he received throughout his long scientific career, being donated to the Valencia City Council on January 16th, 2013. At the express wish of Professor Grisolía, these will be exhibited in the Science Museum, along with those of his teacher and Master Severo Ochoa.
Retrato del científico valenciano Santiago Grisolía que se muestra en la exposición del Museu

Since its inauguration, the Science Museum is displaying on the second floor ‘The Legacy of Science’, a theme exhibition displaying the life and work of 3 great Nobel Laureates in Medicine: Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Severo Ochoa and Jean Dausset. Severo Ochoa received the award “for his findings in the biosynthesis of nucleic acids”.

 This contribution to science is considered one of the crucial landmarks that brought us another step closer to the molecular genetics of present days. Thanks to a select number of eminent scientists headed by Ochoa, we can read the genetic code, compare DNA profiles of humans and other species and develop the promising tools of genetic engineering.

Santiago Grisolía is one of his most distinguished disciples, now a Valencian important scientist who participated in the discovery of the urea cycle and how citruline (a biological compound) is involved in this cycle. Throughout his life Santiago Grisolía has received numerous awards and decorations.

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