Talking Brains. Programmed to talk

Finished event

First Floor.-  Get ready for an interactive journey into our brains and explore how language came about and then developed. 
Talking Brains. Programmed to talk

No dictionaries, no language teachers, no grammar rules. "Talking Brains" is a voyage through the brain in search of language, guided by paleaoanthropologists, neurologists, psychologists, neurolinguists and compter experts, who will help you discover the meaning of language to mankind and how it is linked to our biology.

“Talking Brains”, an original exhibition by CosmoCaixa, invites you to experiment with your brain and to discover the secrets of such a complex organ and of the origins of the 7000 languages which exist in the world today. See how we start learning language in the womb, how medicine treats different forms of brain disease and how fast you think (and what your thought rate is).

A wide range of interactive analogous videos and recordings, virtual reality and brain imaging techniques will help us delve into the secrets of language, a skill shared by all human beings and one which defines our species.

Due to the current situation some modules or parts of the exhibition may not be open for security reasons