Travelling Bricks. Until October 21, 2018

Finished event

First floor.- With your Museum' ticket discover the history of transport through LEGO® pieces. Have a blast with more than 200,000 pieces and build your own prototype.
Historical means of transport are part of the exhibition Traveling Bricks of the Museu

Since the invention of the wheel, the history of humanity has also been the history of humanity's transport. We invite you to climb aboard our time machine –a machine made up of the LEGO® and your imagination– to engage in a mind-blowing journey through human evolution and to discover how our desire to explore has taken us beyond any border.  

From distant Mesopotamia to the confines of the cosmos, you'll race in a chariot around the Circus Maximus, discover new species and continents alongside Christopher Columbus and Charles Darwin, conquer the Far West aboard a stagecoach, soar the skies in an airship, and discover the majestic Titanic.

All of this is made possible through something as simple as a small LEGO® brick and thanks to the imagination and expertise of the twenty certified professionals who have designed and built the 120 stunning pieces that make up this exhibition.

The display is topped off with an interactive fun-zone that has 200,000 LEGO® bricks for you to build, learn, and play with. Children's access to this area is from 6 years old. 

Bon voyage!