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First floor. - Discover the past of the Mediterranean Sea, check out its present situation and observe what the challenges are in terms of its future sustainability. Listen to the sounds of cetaceans and discover a time when this sea was a desert.
Entrada de la exposición Mediterrani, una exposición que narra la historia del mar en el Museu de les Ciències

The Mediterranean is one of the seas with the most biodiversity on the planet. It has 17,000 described species and is home to areas of great biological importance. However, now this biodiversity is seriously threatened, as only 0.01% of its waters are completely protected.

The past, present and future of the Mediterranean converge in this exhibition, organised by the social initiative, Obra Social “La Caixa”. This is much more than an exhibition about marine life as it offers a vision of this sea in its broadest sense. Discover its origins and its geological formation, learn about its particular historic, biological, human and cultural characteristics, and examine the future challenges for its preservation.

During the visit to the exhibition you will hear the sounds emitted by cetaceans and you will discover that 6 million years ago this sea almost dried up and became a desert dotted with saltwater lakes, before subsequently, thanks to a movement of tectonic plates, once again becoming the Mediterranean Sea. Various units also invite you to increase your awareness of how important it is to conserve it.

"Mediterrani" will make you reflect on the relationship of humans with the sea and how we need to act when facing objective facts such as the overpopulation of coastlines and this sea´s limited capacity for renewal, which have turned it into an area with high levels of pollution and some of the highest levels in the world of endangered species.

Due to the current situation some modules or parts of the exhibition may not be open for security reasons