Érase una vez... Science for story lovers. Until May 15, 2022

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First floor.- Science is everywhere... but, can we find it hidden in the fantastic world of children's stories? Come and find out with this exhibition.
Érase una vez... Science for story lovers. Until May 15, 2022

Will you be able to find science in the enchanted castle, in the endless forest, in the house made of chocolate, in the magic mirror, and in the beanstalk? "Érase una vez..." answers that question and presents scientific concepts through a series of ten popular folk tales.

Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Alice, and the Forty Thieves jump out from the pages of the books to tell us all about the science that exists behind children's stories. Including a great variety of interactive features, the exhibition is organized around ten giant "books" that are included in a forest full of surprises where you can explore and listen to traditional stories.

In this exhibition, you can discover the secrets of cocoa in the chocolate factory, teach a thing or two to the wayward Pinocchio, build the house of the Three Little Pigs and see if it stands up to the Big Bad Wolf's huffs and puffs, decode the password to enter into the cave of the forty thieves, and visit a room where you grow and shrink.

This is an exhibition for anyone who has read, told, or dreamed of popular folk tales.