Six sculptures. Tony Cragg. Until November 4, 2018

Finished event

Outdoors.- This temporary exhibition, which made its way to Valencia thanks to the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, is comprised of six sculptures by the artist Tony Cragg – three of which were done especially for this display.
Escultura de Tony Cragg en el lago del Hemisfèric de la Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

The Tony Cragg sculpture exhibition is coming to the outside spaces of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències thanks to the Hortensia Herrero Foundation. Six sculptures, three of which have been done especially for this exhibition, can be seen until November 4, 2018 throughout the different spaces within the complex. 

Four of the sculptures are located on the water in the various ponds belonging to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, and this is something novel as this artist has never before exhibited his work atop a sheet of water. The sculptures are made in various materials such as bronze, steel, and fiberglass. In terms of their size, some of them exceed six meters in height and 4,000 kilograms in weight. 

Tony Cragg, who will simultaneously have an exhibition in the streets of New York alongside his Valencia exhibition, is considered to be the leading figure in British sculpture's resurgence during the 1980s and one of the most iconic artists of his time, having earned all sorts of international awards. His work is characterized by a varied use of materials such as stone, wood, aluminum, bronze, steel, and plastic – turning all of those materials into sculptural shapes. 

At the end of the exhibition, the Hortensia Herrero Foundation will purchase one of the sculptures and it will be placed at an emblematic location in the city of Valencia, just as was done with the exhibition dedicated to Manolo Valdés last year.