A highway beyond the wall socket. Until February 11, 2018

Finished event

First floor - Can you imagine a world without electricity? That may be difficult to do – after all, we use electricity every day and many times we barely notice. Discover exactly what electricity is, how it works, and how it gets to your house in this interactive journey in which you'll be able to participate and experiment. 
Realidad virtual que te traslada a otros escenarios en la exposición Red Eléctrica

Can you imagine your life without electricity? It's hard to fathom a world without this type of energy. The Red Eléctrica de España Electric Company has brought this interactive exhibition to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències – an exhibition that will help you to discover what electricity is, how it is transported, and how it is used. Throughout your journey, you'll be able to participate, experiment, and find out more about electricity and the electric supply process – a process in which you play a major role. Keeping in mind the great role that you play in the electric supply process, this exhibition will give you some ideas about how to use energy more efficiently, more sparingly, and more responsibly. 

A Highway Beyond the wall socket invites you to get to know what happens from the time when electricity is generated to the time when it gets to your house. It helps you to answer questions such as, where does electricity come from? How does it appear? and, how do we consume it? Come to see, in an entertaining way, the most relevant and the most curious aspects of the Spanish electric system. What happens when you turn the light switch on?  How is electricity generated?  How does it travel over the electric grid to your home? We're waiting for you!

A Highway Beyond the wall socket