Spinosaurus: Lost giant of the Cretaceous. Until February 25, 2018

Finished event

First floor.– Did you know that we've uncovered the largest predatory dinosaur? The Spinosaurus, the most fearsome carnivore that ever walked the Earth and the only known dinosaur to be adapted for aquatic life, is waiting for you in this exhibition.
Entrada de la exposición de Spinosaurus del Museo de les Ciències decorada con una réplica de este dinosaurio para dar la bienvenida a sus visitantes

At the exhibition Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous,” organized by National Geographic with the cooperation of the University of Chicago, you will see exactly what the first known dinosaur to be adapted for swimming and the largest of all the carnivores was like.

The Spinosaurus, of colossal dimensions (it weighted 6.8 tons and measured 15 meters long – two meters more than the Tyrannosaurus rex), has several characteristics that make it unique: its skull, similar to that of a crocodile, a huge dorsal fin, and short hind legs to move about through the water.

Don't miss the unusual history of the discovery and rediscovery of this unique African dinosaur – a history that has taken a century to complete. You've never seen a dinosaur like this!