Els Nostres Dinosaures. Until January 6, 2019

Finished event

Third floor - Discover all the secrets of the dinosaurs that inhabited our territory during the Mesozoic. 
Maqueta de 12 metros de longitud del dinosaurio Morrelladon de Castellón

The Comunitat Valenciana has exceptional paleontological sites which make our zone noteworthy scientifically and, additionally, contribute to increasing our Comunitat's importance both culturally and in terms of heritage. These sites offer curious minds and researchers from the field of paleontology a comprehensive view of how the area, which is now part of the Comunitat Valenciana, has gradually changed and evolved over the last few million years.

'Els nostres dinosaures' invites you to delve deeper into the fascinating paleontological history of the Comunitat Valenciana during the Mesozoic, the era of the enormous dinosaurs, and to discover the different beings that inhabited our region. 

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