Toharia emphasises the Science Museum´s "special sensitivity" to spreading knowledge about action against climate change

Dec 11, 2007

The director of the Science Museum, Manuel Toharia, today expressed his “great satisfaction” at the announcement made yesterday by the President of the Generalitat (Valencian Regional Government), Francisco Camps, making the Museum the management centre for the new R & D technological park against climate change. Toharia considered this to be “a positive challenge and a great sign of confidence in the work carried out in the City of Arts and Sciences, where we also have a special sensitivity towards educating society in what must be known and done to alleviate climate change”. 
Toharia emphasises the Science Museum´s Manuel Toharia also referred to the agreement reached between the president of the Generalitat and president of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Rajendra Patchauri, by which Valencia will be host in November 2008 to a meeting of the International Forum of Sustainable Development.

With respect to this, he assured that “we are honoured by this recognition” which implies “three great ideas. Firstly, to keep working for the Museum to be a forum to educate citizens about what they must know and consequently do in their daily lives. Secondly, to be a centre to manage and foster the future park. And thirdly, to bring relations between the IPCC and the UN closer together, with the support of Valencia to carry out their activities.” This follows from the good results from the meeting they held in the Museum last November.

Toharia today presented the series of activities on climate change that the Museum is carrying out. He also announced that next 19th December a new exhibition by Caixa Cataluña will be introduced: “Climate Change: Questions and Answers”. He also mentioned that work is underway on the remodelling of the Science Museum’s third floor so that “Life and the Genome” can look into environmental questions and problems.

“Social Communication and Climatic Risks” open day

The Science Museum has organised a programme of activities on climate change that will be of free access to the public and will continue until June 2008. The series involves conferences, round tables and presentations, scientific cinema cycles, science coffee times, micro-conferences for secondary school students, as well as meetings with experts on this theme which will deal with the main aspects of the subject.

Next Thursday 13th December the Museum will hold the open day “Social Communication and Climatic Risks” with the participation of noteworthy experts, working journalists and promoters. Throughout the day, the following round tables will be held with the slogans: “Climate change research: from historical documentation to the IPCC’s models”, “communication of climatic dangers in the mass media”, “social communication of natural risks in managing emergencies” and “Natural risks in magazines that spread scientific knowledge”.