Did you know that...the day and night length is the same when autumn begins ?

Sep 21, 2012

From October 18 Hemisfèric offers live planetarium sessions for schoolchildren in 'The Universe in your classroom'
Did you know that...the day and night length is the same when autumn begins ?

On Saturday, September 22, at 4.49pm, there will be the change of season and therefore will start the fall that lasts 89 days and 20 hours. However, as usually twice a year, in October 28 we have to change the time. In this case, and in order to make up winter time we will delay time one hour at 3:00 a.m., which will be 2:00 am

In autumn equinox, as in the spring, the day and night length is the same due to the Earth's axis is positioned so its two poles are at the same distance from the Sun. At that moment solar center is in the same plane of Earth Ecuador and days and nights have similar duration.

Concerning astronomical phenomena, November 13 there will be a solar eclipse while November 28 will be given a penumbral lunar eclipse that will be visible in Spain. In particular, a slight darkening in the upper region of the lunar disc will appreciate.

On the other hand, the solar eclipse will be seen only in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Antarctica and southern South America, according to the National Astronomical Observatory.

'The Universe in your classroom'

Starting on October 18 and until May 30, 2013 the Hemisfèric of the City of Arts and Sciences offers students the opportunity to observe this phenomenon in the digital planetarium sessions live "The Universe in your classroom".

In the Hemisferic’s projection hall elementary students will attend a live solar eclipse, and will learn what a galaxy or a planet is, among other curiosities. On their behalf the secondaru and high school students will know what a supernova is, how stars are formed or where are the exoplanets.