Nov 28, 2009

SIMULTANEOUS ASTRONOMY OBSERVATION This initiative is being organised jointly with the Valencian Astronomy Association (AVA), and intends to bring the subject closer to the general public, especially those who don’t usually have much contact with these kinds of activities.

To coincide with the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, the AVA set up telescopes to carry out an observation of the Moon and Jupiter from four locations in the city of Valencia: the City of Arts and Sciences’ Umbracle (promenade and car park), the Nuevo Centro shopping centre’s esplanade, the Pont de Fusta bridge tram station, and the Bullring.

The participants had the chance to observe the Moon’s craters Copernicus, Plato and Tycho, as well as the strips of dark clouds that move around Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system and over a thousand times bigger than the Earth. Nearby this planet it was also  possible to see its four biggest satellites: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

For the sixth year running, the City of Arts and Sciences has set up a free entry programme dedicated to astronomy with conferences, workshops and observations that will go on until May 2010.