A seal is born at L¿Oceanogràfic in the City of Arts and Sciences

Sep 7, 2005

L’Oceanogràfic at the City of Arts and Sciences has a new resident. It is a common seal, the second of its species to be born in the facility dedicated to temperate seas, following the first seal pup to be born there in 2003.
A seal is born at L¿Oceanogràfic in the City of Arts and Sciences

The marine mammal, born in August and weighing in at approximately 10 kilos, is a healthy male currently staying in the reproduction pool alongside his mother. The suckling period will last around six weeks, during which the pup rapidly increases in size.

The exhibition on Temperate waters has another seven examples of common seal, along with three grey seals. This area reproduces the habitat of a colony of common and grey seals with a layout of walruses, sea lions and elephant seals) can be observed from the top and bottom levels, giving an insight into their behaviour both on land and in the water.

Since its opening L´Oceanogràfic has become the birthplace of several animals, which bears witness to the success of its breeding and reproduction programmes. In 2002, the first babies were born: a common seal, a shark and a Chilean flamingo. In 2004 there followed a penguin and two bottlenose dolphins. In 2005, L´Oceanogràfic has seen the birth of its second penguin chick and this summer, the first three sea lion cubs.