Over 100,000 visitors in the City of Arts and Sciences over the bank holidays

Dec 9, 2010

Over 100,000 visitors in the City of Arts and Sciences over the bank holidays More than 100,000 people visited the City of Arts and Sciences from Saturday 4th to Wednesday 8th December to discover the wide range of activities provided by the complex, which has become a top tourist destination. The day with the most visitors was Monday 6th December, with more than 30,000 visitors.

During the December bank holidays, about 48,000 people visited the Science Museum, which has new exhibits such as ‘Zero Gravity’. This includes a room where moving images of space are projected that are shown on five surfaces covered with mirrors (three walls, the floor and the ceiling), creating a feeling of infinite distances.

The Hemisfèric (IMAX and full dome) had more than 13,700 people in its total audience, who were able to choose among a varied programme of IMAX films including the striking new film "Hubble. Exploring the Universe’, created in collaboration with NASA, which tells of the fifth maintenance mission carried out for this telescope in 2009.

The Umbracle (promenade and car park) saw more than 12,000 visitors from 4th to 8th December. The exhibition ‘Ripollés’ Universe’ is also in this area, a collection of 20 sculptures by the artist from Castellón which is open to all and which saw a great many visitors over the bank holiday days.

Among the new features that over 31,500 visitors were able to find in the Oceanogràfic (aquarium), there is the noteworthy recent addition of four king penguins in the Antarctic facility, along with a collection of 28 photographs printed on canvas. These were taken by Daniel Garcia, head of the Oceanogràfic’s veterinary matters on his two journeys to the Antarctic in 2007 and 2010.