Sharks will be the stars of the conferences in the new edition of 'Oceanogràfic Tuesdays'

Oct 27, 2009

Sharks will be the stars of the conferences in the new edition of 'Oceanogràfic Tuesdays' The general lines of the topics dealt with in the sixth cycle of the “Oceanogràfic Tuesdays” conferences at the aquarium will be related to getting to know about biology, and the conservation and management of shark populations. It will begin next 10th November and will continue until 1st June 2010.

Thus, the main theme of this cycle of conferences will be dealing with one of the zoological groups whose population diversity has been most diminished and which has the greatest implications on the correct balance of ecosystems.

In this sixth edition, international experts of prestige will be informing about their experience and knowledge in fields such as biology and behaviour, ecology and conservation, the role of sharks in marine environments, fishing stocks, trade, management of populations, and their in situ conservation. Handling in the controlled conditions of aquariums will also be looked at, as well as with respect to the most advanced filming techniques in their natural environment with documentary makers.

The “Oceanográfic Tuesdays” sessions will be held at 6:00 pm in the Red Sea Auditorium with the participation of specialists from centres such as the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the UBC Fisheries Centre in Mexico, Nature Bureau International, Great Britain’s European Shark Research Bureau and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, amongst others. There will also be people involved in the filming of these fascinating animals for what is to be one of the most spectacular audiovisual productions about life in the oceans: “Oceans”.

In previous editions, “Oceanogràfic Tuesdays” have looked at subjects such as marine biodiversity, ocean dynamics, fishing stocks and environmental impact, monographs on the polar seas and their surroundings, the relationship between the oceans and climate change, and the deep sea, in order to spread education about marine sciences in a comprehensive way and from different perspectives.

In addition, at the same time as this sixth edition, an exhibition has been set up in collaboration with Protect the Sharks, with the aim of warning about the danger of extinction that over 100 million sharks face every year. The display is to contain unique photographic material, with pictures taken by some of the most important underwater photographers in the world.