Free entrance for children in costume at the Oceanogràfic and the Science Museum over Halloween

Oct 31, 2012

From the 1st to the 4th November, kids can take part in the competition on Facebook for the best costume and win a year’s pass
Free entrance for children in costume at the Oceanogràfic and the Science Museum over Halloween

Children aged between four and twelve who are in costume will have free access to the Oceanogràfic and the Science Museum from Thursday the 1st to Sunday the 4th November 2012. This is the City of Arts and Sciences’ way of taking part in the Halloween festivities, setting a scary scene with special content and lots of surprises for a fun-packed and ghoulish family day out.

The Oceanogràfic and the Science Museum will each have a dedicated space for children in costume to take photos that they can then upload onto the CAC’s Facebook page and take part in the competition for the best costume. The winner will get a year’s pass to the City of Arts and Sciences.

The scary adventure begins at the square in front of the entrance to the Oceanogràfic, from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm: there will be people showing visitors weird and wonderful objects such as tortoise shells, skulls, penguin feathers, the footprints of different birds and even real shark teeth.

At the Oceans aquarium, one of the largest in the world, visitors will find a sunken gravestone to the memory of the sharks killed throughout the world’s seas. A large-scale acrylic artwork asks us which is the more dangerous: man or shark? The idea is to raise awareness of the importance of protecting animals such as sharks, one of the world’s most endangered species.

In all the aquariums, visitors will discover the ‘Monsters of the Sea’ and there’s more… throughout the day, at different locations in the Oceanogràfic, there will be special entertainment from a ghoulish family...

In the Museum… we’ll make your hairs stand on end

The Science Museum has bizarre items on display at our gallery of mutant animals, so weird that some of them even have two heads or several extremities. Visitors can see the three-legged hen and the one-eyed Cyclops dog at the Forest of Chromosomes as we explain what happens when a particular gene malfunctions.

Be careful when approaching module 19 at the Forest of Chromosomes and it macabre décor… all done with a great sense of humour with the help of famous characters such Groucho Marx and his legendary epitaph ‘Excuse me, Madam, I can’t stand up’. Visitors will actually have a giggle as they learn how science shows us how to look at the death of living things as something that is necessary (see picture of gallery 6).

Spectators at the Theatre of Electricity will feel their hair stand on end with amazing live experiments. Meanwhile, at the ‘Superheroes’ exhibition, someone is waiting for a “trick or treat”. Watch out for things that make you jump! These and other scary surprises await you at the Science Museum.