L¿Oceanogràfic incorporates a photography exhibition on climate change

Mar 23, 2006

The General Manager of the City of Arts and Sciences, Jorge Vela, accompanied by the Director of the British Council in Valencia, Chris Dove, today visited the Access Building at L’Oceanogràfic to open the photography exhibition “NorthSouthEastWest”.
L¿Oceanogràfic incorporates a photography exhibition on climate change

Jorge Vela explained that “the exhibition brings together pictures taken in twelve different locations by some of the world’s most prestigious photographers who work for the Magnum agency. They illustrate the impact of climate change and the solutions that are being implemented to reduce CO2 emissions in the North, South, East and West”.

Jorge Vela added that this exhibition forms part of the programme of educational events entitled “Tuesdays at L\'Oceanogràfic", a series of lectures now in its second year, in which Spanish and international experts share their knowledge on the physical, chemical and biological aspects of oceanography. The lecturers allow the audience to discover phenomena such as the migrations of species, marine biodiversity in tropical environments, environmental issues such as those covered in this exhibition and the origins of the Mediterranean.

The photography exhibition "NorthSouthEastWest", organised by the British Council, brings together pictures not only of extreme climate effects, such as the thinning of the Arctic ice sheets, the retreating glaciers, the poor air quality in cities, lack of potable water or impacts on biodiversity, but also of innovative solutions illustrating effective use of energy, the move from coal to gas, the use of efficient public transport and carbon capture and storage.