L´Oceanogràfic at the City of Arts and Sciences gets 4 million visitors this summer

Sep 1, 2005

This August L´Oceanogràfic at the City of Arts and Sciences has reached the figure of 4 million visitors since it opened its doors in February 2003. In the months of June, July and August 2005, the City of Arts and Sciences recorded around 1.5 million visitors.

This summer, of the 1.5 million visitors entering the City of Arts and Sciences, almost 160,000 have watched the shows at L´Hemisfèric, 915,000 have taken part in the interactive events at the Science Museum and over 425,000 have visited L´Oceanogràfic. Also noteworthy is the success of "L´Oceanogràfic by Night", in which the public has been able to enjoy special events from 8pm to midnight, including a night show at the Dolphinarium, which recorded an average attendance of 2,000 people per night in August.

In terms of place of origin, 87% of visitors entering this arts and sciences complex this summer were from outside the Valencia region. Of this percentage, 24% were foreign visitors, mostly Italian, British and German, while 63% were from other regions of Spain, mostly Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia, Castilla-León and the Basque Country. The remaining 13% were visitors from the Valencia region.

Over the course of the summer, L´Hemisfèric took in almost 160,000 spectators who came to see the IMAX films "Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey", "SOS Planet" "Mystery of the Nile", "Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets", "Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk" and "Rolling Stones: At the Max", the only giant screen concert given by this legendary band, which can be seen up to the 15th of September. And for the second summer running, L´Hemisfèric has held the "Nocturnes" with different sessions of astronomy and music.

In the Science Museum, 915,000 people have been able to enjoy interactive exhibitions such as "Life and Genome", events such as "The Science Fair" or live experiments in the "Science on Stage" sessions. At L´Oceanogràfic, over 425,000 people have visited the various underwater exhibitions representing the Earth\'s major marine ecosystems, from the Atlantic to the tropics, the Arctic to the Antarctic. They have also been able to see the "Sharks" exhibition, a collection of 10 life-size replicas of different sharks and rays.