L´Oceanogràfic hosts the art exhibition entitled ¿Oceanic Moments¿

Jun 5, 2006

L´Oceanogràfic of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is hosting, from Tuesday 6th June to 30th September, the “Oceanic Moments” exhibition of the naturalist and painter Javier Martínez Valle providing a vision of marine life through the movement of the sea an of its inhabitants.

The exhibition, the central theme of which is the idea of jointly playing with art and science as means of cultural expression and on display in the Access Building of the L\'Oceanogràfic, started from a research project into the census and protection of Mediterranean cetaceans that the author worked on as a naturalist observer with the University of Valencia. The exhibition, therefore, is a plastic arts representation of the Mediterranean sea world in which different species such as the loggerhead turtle or sunfish are featured.

The exhibition forms part of the programme of educational events included in "L\'Oceanogràfic Tuesdays", a cycle of conferences that this year is celebrating its second edition and in which national and international experts share their knowledge on physical, chemical and biological oceanography and explain to the public various aspects such as migrations of species, marine biodiversity in tropical settings, and the environmental themes that this exhibition focuses on, or the origins of the Mediterranean.