Everything you always wanted to know about ... synchronised swimming at the 'Oceanogràfic Nights'

Jul 13, 2012

An interview with the swimmers starring in a unique show with dolphins and their caretakers
Everything you always wanted to know about ... synchronised swimming at the 'Oceanogràfic Nights'

Rocío Escudero, Irene Pariente, Estefanía Jimenez, Celia Patricio, Estela Barroso, Conchita Iruela and Esther Mora are the seven synchronised swimmers dancing with dolphins in ‘Oceanogràfic Nights’. The experience is enjoyed by both the swimmers and the dolphins. According to their caretaker Carlos Milo, "dolphins love interacting with the girls... it is a bit of a change for them, a new activity".

A unique show featuring swimmers and dolphins, in a game of music, light and acrobatics that underlines the importance of being environmentally friendly. Entitled "Seven seas, six continents, one world", the show takes the audience on a journey with sea nymphs and dolphins, in a travel to the six continents intended to raise awareness in people about the need to protect marine diversity and wealth.

The Oceanogràfic will be open from July 13 to August 31, allowing visitors to tour the facilities at a different time and see this very special show and its swimmers.

What is the experience like? How does it feel to swim with dolphins?
Well, we are privileged, aren't we? Not everybody has an opportunity to get close to these beautiful animals.

Rocio: You always feel a bit insecure at first, as it is not only you who controls the situation... Over time, you learn to interact with the dolphins. We really enjoy the precious, unrepeatable time we spend with them.

What skills do you need as a synchronised swimmer?
Flexibility, lung capacity and endurance must be developed since you are a child in order to have control of your body and get to know it well.

Estefanía: And you must also be mentally strong so as to be critical with yourself and learn to work with a team of people.

What are the Oceanogràfic Nights all about? What can the audience discover in this activity?
The synchronised swimming show with dolphins is intended to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the environment.

Conchita: It also explains that we must all learn to take care of it if we want to continue enjoying the Earth and all its animals.

Esther: Visitors discover that people and animals are not so different... Together, we can all save our planet.

Apart from their work with the dolphins, all the swimmers agree that the ‘foot-push’ –performed at the end of the show– is one of their favourite exercises. And the ‘accordion’ too, a difficult number with one of the dolphins which requires great coordination with the swimmers, they say in unison. Discover how they do it! Every night at the Oceanogràfic dolphinarium, until August 31.