The Hemisfèric starts a series of conferences on the Nile

Apr 27, 2005

The Hemisfèric of the City of the Arts and Sciences has organised several lectures that will explain some of the secrets of the Nile, the great African river. In these talks we will get to know three different visions of this historical watercourse. The writer and journalist Javier Reverte will contribute his point of view, based on literature and travel writing, with tomorrow’s lecture "Exploring the Nile" (Thursday 28 April in the Cinema Hall of the Hemisfèric).  
Reverte will tell us of the geography of the river, of the mystery of its source that persisted for centuries, and of the legend that grew up around it. He will also explain how to travel along the river, the living conditions of the inhabitants of its banks, and the historical events of these regions. Javier Reverte will end his talk with his personal vision of Cairo.

From a scientific viewpoint, on 18 May the teledetection expert José Antonio Sobrino will talk on "The Nile viewed by satellite", and finally on 14 June the geographer Juan F. Mateu will give his vision of the river as a social and economic resource with "The Nile and its explorers". All the lectures will begin at 20:00 hours.

On 3 February last the Hemisfèric hosted the world première of the IMAX documentary "The Mystery of the Nile", and included it in its programme the next day. This is the first Spanish large-format feature film on the first full descent of the Blue Nile from its source in the Ethiopian mountains, crossing Sudan and Egypt to finally reach its mouth in the Mediterranean Sea.

The première was attended by the director and producer of the film, Jordi Llompart, the leader of the expedition, Pascuale Scaturro, the Chilean photograph Michel L’Huillier, and the Spanish journalist Saskia Lange.

The film, which lasts approximately 50 minutes, transports the viewer to some of the most spectacular landscapes in Africa, and allows him/her to accompany the protagonists of this epic achievement during their journey.
For more information or to enrol call 902 100 031 or visit
· Thursday 28 April
· 20:00 hours
· Cinema Hall of the Hemisfèric. Valencia