The family of flamingos at the Oceanogràfic (aquarium) now has two new members

Sep 27, 2010

The family of flamingos at the Oceanogràfic (aquarium) now has two new members The Oceanogràfic’s family of flamingos at the City of Arts and Sciences now has two new specimens. Two chicks have hatched recently, which means there are now seven flamingos born in this colony of birds, the largest one inhabiting the lakes, numbering 34 after these latest births.

In their tour of the outdoor lakes, the Oceanogràfic’s visitors can observe how these animals live and that they form stable couples that care for their young in volcano-shaped nests of up to half a metre in height. Flamingos feed their babies for a short time because the chick leaves the nest 3 or 4 days after hatching. Then the nest is occupied by another couple.

Flamingos’ breeding season is between June and November, so early summer is when they start building nests. They make 35 to 40 mounds half a metre tall like a volcano, with clay and earth mixed with straw. Thus, the 16 couples choose the most suitable one for laying, they retouch it and perform ongoing maintenance of it.

With these recent hatchlings there are more now than 500 different species that have been born in the Oceanogràfic’s facilities. These include dolphins, seals, sea lions and penguins, as well as smoothhounds, sea eagles and swans, Shelducks, ibises and spoonbills, among others.