The City of Arts and Sciences receives 347,684 visitors over the Fallas and Easter period

Mar 30, 2005

The City of Arts and Sciences has received a total of 347,684 visitors during the Fallas and Easter period, as announced by the regional secretary of Events and Projects, Luis Lobón, in a meeting with the media in which he was accompanied by the new General Manager of the complex, Jorge Vela.
The City of Arts and Sciences receives 347,684 visitors over the Fallas and Easter period

During the Fallas, from the 16th to the 20th of March, a total of 91,040 people visited the complex. By way of a break-down, the Science Museum had 65,469 visitors, L’Oceanogràfic 18,583 and L’Hemisfèric 6,988. In terms of their place of origin, 25% of the visitors were foreign tourists, mainly from Italy, France, USA and the UK, 15% were from the Valencia region and 60% were from other regions in Spain, mostly Madrid and Andalusia;
At Easter, from the 21st to the 28th March, a total of 256,644 people visited the City of Arts and Sciences, the most popular day being Good Friday, with a total of 30,432 visitors. The Science Museum was visited by 168,494 people, with all its sessions sold out. L’Hemisfèric recorded a total of 25,320 spectators, while L’Oceanogràfic had 62,830 visitors.
Of these visitors, 11 per cent were foreign tourists, predominantly English, Italian, French and German and 62% were from other regions of Spain, mostly Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia, Castilla León and Aragon. Finally, 27% were visitors from the Valencia region itself.
The regional secretary for Events and Projects, Luis Lobón, stated that these figures “are highly satisfactory” and reflect the fact that “this landmark project by the Valencian government has consolidated the city and region of Valencia as a tourist destination both on the national and the international level”.
Luis Lobón also pointed out that with the incorporation of Jorge Vela "we are embarking on a new phase at the City of Arts and Sciences, a Project that has an image of modernity and which also undertakes important social and cultural activities through its Science Museum, L’Hemisfèric, L’Oceanogràfic, and very soon, the Palau de les Arts”.
Jorge Vela himself stated that he is taking on the general management of the City of Arts and Sciences “as a great personal and professional challenge and with a deep sense of pride and satisfaction as a Valencian that can participate in the most emblematic Project of the whole region” He added that “following these first successful years, I am taking the baton from my predecessors with the goal of continuity, so that this great science and culture complex set u by the Valencian Government will continue to consolidate its prestige and social impact”.
Jorge Vela announced that the dissemination of science and culture would continue through the events and exhibitions that the public can visit at L’Hemisfèric, the Science Museum and L’Oceanogràfic. Along these lines, he mentioned the day commemorating the 15th anniversary of Hubble at L’ Hemisfèric; the “Sharks” exhibition at L’Oceanogràfic and the exhibitions on “Science and Technology in the 20th Century”, “The Ecological Route of Don Quixote”, "Severo Ochoa" and the “Electricity Network” amongst others, all at the Science Museum.