Oct 22, 2009

CHILDREN BECOME SUPERHEROES IN 'NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM' The City of Arts and Sciences is offering the little ones the chance to sleep in the Science Museum and experience a night of adventures with their parents or school, to learn about sciences whilst having great fun and discovering the “Marvel Superheroes” and the “Chromosome Forest” exhibitions at a different hour in the Museum.

“Night in the Museum” is aimed at schoolchildren between 9 and 12 years of age, and families with children of 4 years and over. It includes dinner and various activities and workshops for the children, who tour the Museum in the guise of their favourite superheroes, and sleep in a camp located in the building itself.

The group arrives as of 6:30 pm and is welcomed by specialised staff and monitors who will accompany them all night. After the welcome, dinner is served in the Science Museum’s cafeteria. Once back on the first floor with renewed energy, the fun begins: a face-painting workshop and a tour of the exhibition dedicated to Marvel comics. Here, the children will dress up as superheroes: Spiderman, Hulk or Storm, and they will discover the science hidden behind the superpowers, thanks to the display’s interactive modules.

Afterwards, in groups the children take part in a game of clues touring the gigantic Chromosome Forest. The first ones to complete the treasure hunt will get a prize. After the superheroes game, it’s time to set up camp and sleep. The following morning, after breakfast, the monitors announce the treasure hunt winners and diplomas are awarded to the children.

“Night in the Museum” is an idea aimed at schools and groups of friends with small children, as well as families that would like to experience something different and special with their children. For school groups, the price is 65 euros per child. For families and groups in general the price is 70 euros per registration. This includes the dinner, activities, entrance to the Science Museum and the Hemisfèric (IMAX and full dome), and a souvenir T-shirt.

Schools can spend the night in the Museum every Thursday all year, except during holiday periods. Saturday nights are reserved for groups in general and families. More information and bookings on: 902 100 031.