The City of Arts and Sciences wishes you happy Fallas 2012

Mar 15, 2012

The Oceanografic and Indiana Jone exhibition at the Science Museum complete a unique offer for visitors
The City of Arts and Sciences wishes you happy Fallas 2012

The City of Arts and Sciences offers the public a multitude of activities to make learning fun based on science, culture, and nature.

If you buy a general ticket to the Museum (from 6.10 euros, reduced ticket ) you can follow the history of the Valencia FC. Through football you will discover how new technologies that can be applied to sport have developed in ‘Science and sport with the Valencia FC’; immerse yourself in the world of comics and their characters in ‘Marvel superheroes’; or get to know space in ‘Zero gravity’ with these unique proposals that the public can experience at the Science Museum.

‘Choose wisely’

To commemorate the emotion of the legendary phrase of the knight of the first crusade, don’t miss the 'Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology' exhibition. The cinematographic treasures exhibited include the wooden grail wisely chosen by Indy (‘This is a carpenter’s goblet’), the lost ark, and the glass skull. The archaeological treasures are as impressive as the first known map of the Mesopotamian civilisation, a set of bowls and vases from Nazca in Peru, and the oldest known evidence of wine production, a piece of pottery found in a Neolithic deposit in northern Iran.

This is a great opportunity to view an extensive collection of material from the Indiana Jones films and the Lucasfilm Archives, and at the same time to get to know objects from the National Geographic Society and the Penn Museum. ‘‘Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology’ thus allow visitors to immerse themselves in archaeological science as they get to know the universe of this famous archaeologist, in an enclosure of over 900 square metres created with leading-edge technology.

Visitors can also observe local archaeological exhibits from the Region of Valencia, including objects of great value such as the Limestone Torso of the Iberian warrior of l’Alcúdia, a Roman bas-relief from Sagunto, and a Koran from the Municipal Archive of Segorbe, among others. Adults tickets 15 euros and reduced 11,55 euros.

The largest aquarium in Europe

The Oceanogràfic of the City of Arts and Sciences is the largest aquarium in Europe and contains representatives of the world’s main marine ecosystems. Each building is identified with the following aquatic environments: the Mediterranean, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical Seas, Oceans, the Antarctic, the Arctic, Islands, and the Red Sea, as well as the Dolphinarium with 24 million litres of water and a depth of 10.5 metres. The Underwater Restaurant and the Access Building which welcomes visitors stand out because of their spectacular roofs designed by Félix Candela.

The Oceanogràfic encourages you to immerse yourself in the planet’s oceans by means of all its aquariums, which house over 45,000 individuals from 500 different species. It is here in this unique setting that the public can take part in activities in which one can become a ‘Trainer for the day’, immerse oneself in the largest tank at the Oceanogràfic in an ‘Shark Encounter’, or get to know the installations from another viewpoint with a ‘Visit to the other side of the aquarium‘. In this way visitors can see spaces such as the enclosure where the vets work or those devoted to turtle rescue and quarantine, among other experiences.

A walk through art

It is also possible to stroll in the open air and at the same time contemplate magnificent sculptures at the Umbracle. Access is free to the areas housing the ‘Towers of the Alhambra’, an exhibition that also includes the monumental sculptures of Cristóbal Gabarrón.

In the free-access area visitors can also learn astronomy while they have fun experimenting with the 12 elements that make up astronomical instruments, models, and panels; these reveal to the public the main principles of this science to create a real ‘Garden of Astronomy’.

Large-format cinema and nature

IMAX-format 3D cinema is another feature that the public can enjoy during the weekend at the Hemisfèric of the City of Arts and Sciences. In this way visitors can get to know the secrets of the prehistoric giants that rode the winds 220 million years ago in ‘Flying Monsters 3D’; go on the five astronaut spacewalks for the purpose of repairing the Hubble telescope in ‘Hubble. Exploring the Universe’; or discover how a dedicated few save threatened species in ‘Born to be free'.