The City of Arts and Sciences launches its Educational Programme for the 2005/2006 school year

Sep 15, 2005

Schools from all over Spain are receiving the educational programme of the City of Arts and Sciences for the school year 2005-2006, which lays out the content of its services for schools at L´Hemisfèric, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum and L´Oceanogràfic. Over the coming weeks, there will also be meetings with teacher from bordering provinces and presentations in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Malaga.

The City of Arts and Sciences is offering a Special Schools Programme with a range of benefits to get the most out of a visit to the complex, such as free entry for teachers who can also download information prior to the visit from the website.  This Special Programme, which has already been in place over the last few school years, now has over 4700 teachers and 1,103 schools enrolled in it.

Another part of the CAC’s activities is the special teacher training courses and the opportunity to attend “Teacher’s Day” free of charge. The aim of this event is to guide teachers around the complex before they come with their pupils, so that they can prepare the visit and get the maximum benefit from it. The teachers will in this way be familiar with the materials, experiences and activities available in the complex, all designed to complement the teaching given in the classroom.

With special rates for school parties, the City of Arts and Sciences, through the content it offers at L´Hemisfèric, the Science Museum and L´Oceanogràfic, provides a programme of diverse and motivational activities that are a unique add-on to classroom teaching, presenting a Wide range of themes on science, the arts, astronomy, biology, physics, chemistry, technology, sports, anthropology, environmental conservation and the recovery and conservation of species.

During the school year, pupils can go to L´Hemisfèric to see the planetarium, laser and giant-screen film shows that give real teaching on subjects that this year (during school hours) are presented in IMAX film form including “Mystery of the Nile”, “Grand Canyon”, “Adrenaline” and the new “Dolphins”, as well as the live planetarium shows “Other Worlds” and “The New Star” adapted to the level of each group. 

At the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, schoolchildren can visit the largest exhibition in the world on biology and genetics, called Life and Genome. They can also attend workshops on “Science on Stage” where they will take part in live science experiments which will give them an insight into issues relating to physics, chemistry and mathematics in a fun way. There are also activities for the very young in "L´Espai dels xiquets" where pupils between the ages of 4 and 7 can have fun discovering the world of science in a unique space.

At L’Oceanogràfic school parties can also find out about the main seas and oceans on the planet, with an extensive display of marine fauna, together with exhibitions, educational talks an the interactive workshops held at the Education and Research Building on biodiversity, the vital functions of marine organisms and marine ecosystems, which complement a visit to part of the facilities.