On Sunday the 29th May, the City of Arts and Sciences celebrates Sports Day

May 23, 2005

The regional secretary for Events and Projects also stated that the City of Arts and Sciences “would also like to share with our visitors a day devoted to sports, a special day of participation and learning, open to everyone and free of charge, which will help people to know more about and sports and encourage them to practice sport, which in turn will help to improve their quality of life”.

Luis Lobón pointed out that “once again, this science and arts complex will be the meeting place for Valencian society and for anyone visiting who want to take part in this great festival of sport, harmony and education”. He expressed his thanks for the support and participation of all the organisations that have helped to organise the event.

The regional secretary for Sports, David Serra, stressed the Government’s support and promotion of sport, in an example of “working across various disciplines”. He also pointed out that “once again the City of Arts and Sciences is producing great contents and offering the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for thousands of people to see two Valencian racing drivers who will be in the World Series this season”, in reference to Adrián Vallés and Felix Porteiro, who were present at the press conference and who will give a demonstration next Sunday..

The Councillor or Sports at Valencia City Council, Cristóbal Grau, also noted that that the City of Arts and Sciences has, from the outset, been linked to the world of sports, hosting events such as the start of the Vuelta Ciclista a España. He stressed the importance of this initiative, as it “through sports, teaches excellent values such as the role of education”. He also added that by hosting this day devoted to sports, “this magnificent complex by Santiago Calatrava is transformed into the very best sports hall next Sunday”.

Programme of events

On Sunday the 29th of May, the exterior spaces of the Science Museum and L´Hemisfèric will host exhibitions of various sports, thanks to the collaboration of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the Universidad de Valencia. The Paseo Sur of the Science Museum will host a human table football and demonstrations of capoeira, archery, gymnastics and canoeing by Kalahari in the Museum lake. There will also be workshops on cycling, parachuting and athletics, among other sports.

Another activity is the games area located on the Paseo de Arbotantes, where there will be instructors to help the public play on two mini basketball courts, made in collaboration with Pamesa Valencia, a scalextric version measuring approximately 5 by 3 metres of the Ricardo Tormo Track at Cheste, a mini tennis court in collaboration with the Valencian Tennis Federation, a goal area by Valencia Football Club and a Valencian “pilota” court by the Federation of Pilota. Thanks to ONCE, activities will also be held that shows us sports and games adapted to the blind, in particular, football and cycling.

Along with all these activities, visitors can also make their way to the Paseo Sur at the Museum to see various photography exhibitions and equipment for mountain sports, angling and rowing, along with a display on the Camino de Santiago by bike. In this area there will also be a tombola with sports items as prizes.  

Also on the Paseo Sur of the Museum, there will be a Rally car on show driven in the Fiat Punto Cup, on loan from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and the one-seater that Fernando Alonso used for training on the Cheste race track at the beginning of his career. Two Formula 2000 cars from the Cheste circuit will be doing trials along the Paseo Norte of L\'Hemisfèric and two trucks, also from Cheste, will demonstrate the work that is done in the box area.

The Auditorium at the Science Museum will also be hosting two panel discussions on the subject of “Sports today”. Participants will discuss issues such as education through sport, technology and training for competitive sports, sport for social integration and organisational sponsorship.