Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias to host the 'Titanic' exhibition in Valencia

Nov 30, 2006

 The regional secretary for Events and promotions, Luis Lobón and the representative of “Titanic Centenary 2012”, Jesús Ferreiro, have today signed an agreement so that the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias will host, from March 1st 2007 to 30th March 2008, the “Titanic exhibition, which recreates the history of that legendary ship through original objects, images and documents.
Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias to host the 'Titanic' exhibition in Valencia


Luis Lobón said that for the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias “it is a great honour to host this exhibition which is one of the most visited travelling exhibitions in the world and which, in view of this agreement and following its passage through various important capitals, Valencians can enjoy for a little more than a year”. The regional secretary also said “the exhibition will be a living exhibition as different events and complementary activities will be held associated with the exhibition”.

For his part, Jesús Ferreiro claimed that the exhibition to be hosted by CAC “will be the largest and the most spectacular mounted so far, as it will occupy 3,300 square metres” and added that numerous new attractions will be presented as “it will house objects that have not so far been on display in other venues, such as the automobile-boat-bus that was to be transported by the Titanic on its return voyage; the medal that Molly Brown presented to the captain of the ship, Carpathia, that saved her or the dinner jacket of the Spanish multi-millionaire Víctor Peñasco”. Moreover, Ferreiro revealed that the exhibition will include a 2-metre high by 7-metre wide iceberg “the largest ever exhibited so far”.

Jesús Ferreiro also revealed that the inauguration ceremony will hopefully be attended by one of the two survivors of the shipwreck still alive, Millvina Dean, and said that, over the two hours that it takes to go round the exhibition, the visitor “is first surprised, then excited and finally enthusiastic as at some point in the visit, he or she feels an identification with some of the stories that are told”. “Someone said that the Titanic was unsinkable and it is true, because it continues to sail and is till alive in the hearts of all those who visit the exhibition, said Ferreiro.

“Titanic The Exhibition”

From the moment at which, on 15th April 1912, it sank beneath the waters, the story of the Titanic has captured the imagination of the world and the discovery of the remains fuelled that fascination and curiosity around everything connected with the sinking of what was known as the “dreamboat” and that was designed with the very latest techniques of the beginning of the century. “Titanic The Exhibition” takes the visitor back to 1912, to the true story of this spectacular ship through the official declarations of survivors and the technical and scientific data obtained following the locating of the remains in 1985.

“Titanic The Exhibition” will be mounted beneath the Umbracle and will form part of the Museo de las Ciencias’ exhibition programme for one year. The exhibition itself is structured around three main blocks: original objects recovered after the sinking of the ship and on loan from several survivors; the history of the ship, researched by the historian C.G. Wetterholm and narrated in the different spaces making up the exhibition, and recreations of parts of the Titanic, so that the visitor can see what the stairs to the bows, the water-tight doors, a first and a third class cabin, a first class passageway and one of the propellers were like.