Garbage, Sol Picó, music, dance and drama at the Eclèctic Festival in the City of Arts and Sciences

Jun 1, 2005

The new General Manager of the City of Arts and Sciences, Jorge Vela, today presented this year’s Eclèctic Festival, which for the fourth year running, will be held by the arts and science complex. The press conference was also attended by the Valencian choreographer Sol Picó, who will provide the opening act of the festival on Friday the 3rd of June with her show “Sense Present”
Garbage, Sol Picó, music, dance and drama at the Eclèctic Festival in the City of Arts and Sciences

Jorge Vela stated that “as in every month of June, the City of Arts and Sciences is turning into one big stage with Eclèctic, which is the arts even open to the public with high quality performances in multimedia, theatre, music andante”. He also referred to the public success of the event “as proven by the audience numbers in previous years”.
Jorge Vela explained that the programme for the 4th Eclèctic Festival "includes some of the most internationally important theatre and dance companies, which are present at some of the world’s major arts festivals”.
He also pointed out that “at the City of Arts and Sciences we aim to continue supporting this kind of cultural event, which is totally free of charge and which meet one of the main objectives of this complex: to open up its spaces to the entire public so it can participate in avant-garde artistic initiatives in exceptional surroundings”.
The General Manager of the City of Arts and Sciences also said that the Eclèctic Festival gives visitors the chance to continue enjoying the complex facilities at night, with events held at L´Hemisfèric, the Science Museum, L’Umbracle, L’Oceanogràfic and the whole enclosure of ponds and gardens.
The Valencian choreographer and dancer Sol Picó, who starts off Eclèctic 2005 with "Sense Present" next Friday, the 3rd of June, stated that “it is an honour to open this festival with a show that brings together two pieces but presents them in a different way, making the most of the fantastic space created by the ponds and the surrounding area of the City of Arts and Sciences”. Sol Picó added that “what is interesting is how dance will be adapted to this unusual space created by water”.
Eclèctic 2005 Programme of Events
Eclèctic 2005 will take place from the 3rd to the 22nd of June and once again provides a varied artistic and cultural programme for all audiences. It starts off on the evening of Friday the 3rd of June with "Sense Present", a highly visual show performed by the Compañía Sol Picó and inspired by "La Divadivina y El Hombre Bala", a piece created by the choreographer and Los Deméndez.
On the 10th and the 22nd of June, L´Hemisfèric will be making an appealing offer of sessions that combine astronomy with live music under the title “Music under the stars”. This will delight audiences with concerts given by musicians who are taking part in the Clarinet Seminars given by the Valencian musician Joan Enric Lluna.
And on Thursday the 16th of June, indie rock will be shaking the foundations of the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, provided by Garbage, performing live and presenting their new record "Bleed like me", a fusion of techno, post-grunge guitar and pop melody. The Festival culminates on Saturday the 18th of June with Eclèctic Nite, nine uninterrupted hours of concerts, street theatre, performances and arts for people of all ages – an unforgettable night of open-air partying all over the City of Arts and Sciences complex.