G. Camps: 'This agreement demonstrates our keen interest in promoting and spreading science and culture on the web'

Apr 30, 2011

Agreement reached between CACSA and the E3 Futura Association on organising the Campus party over the next four years
G. Camps: 'This agreement demonstrates our keen interest in promoting and spreading science and culture on the web'

The vice-president for the economy and president of the Governing Board of CACSA, Gerardo Camps said that “the agreement that we have signed today is yet another demonstration of the interest that the City of Arts and Sciences takes in promoting and spreading science and culture on the web”.

"The commitment and support of the Valencia Regional Government and the City of Arts and Sciences to new technologies has been a constant from the outset and will continue to be so. We are convinced that new internet technologies constitute an investment that we must not overlook” said councillor Gerardo Camps.

The vice-president for the economy made these statements after signing, together with the president of the E3 Futura Association, Belinda Galiano, the collaboration framework agreement between CACSA and that Association for jointly organising the annual holding of Campus Party over the next four years. This event was also attended by the co-founder of Campus Party, Paco Ragageles.

During his speech, the president of the CACSA Governing Board reminded us that for the last ten years Campus Party has been held in Valencia, “which reflects both the modernity and progress of this Community”.

"More than a decade ago, a group of young visionaries dreamt of this future world and we at the Regional Government strongly backed their ideas. The Campus Party was held, for the first time, at the City of Arts and Sciences in the summer of 2000 with a high participation rate that has been gradually increasing over the years”, pointed out Gerardo Camps.

"Since then, the history of the Campus Party has developed in parallel with that of the City of Arts and Sciences. We, therefore, feel closely attached to this event which every summer constitutes the largest single space for technological co-existence among internauts, claimed the vice-president.

"So", continued Gerardo Camps, "just as the Campus Party has been growing, so too has the City of Arts and Sciences, as shown by the success of the different events which it hosts or the increase in the number of visitors, so justifying the backing that the Regional Government shows for grand projects and events as generators of wealth and employment. In fact, during this Holy Week, the complex has played host to 30,000 more visitors than during the same period last year, which amounts to a 16% growth on 2010".

"Campus Party is the event that best sums up what we do at the City of Arts and Sciences. It provides a meeting point in which young people learn to share and to demonstrate how capable they are in today’s world” stated the vice-president. On this point he added that we have “the best of the continents and we would like to have the best of contents and we are very proud that they have returned here for the 2011 event at the Ágora, a multi-purpose building that hosts everything from the Tennis Open to a meeting of the young entrepreneurs that come to the Campus Party”.

"For all these reasons, the Valencia Regional Government will continue to strongly back Campus Party because it is the setting-off point where many entrepreneurs become known, are trained and convert their ideas into reality”, said the councillor.

The next Campus Party is to be held from 11th to 17th July.