Experts to present new technology applications for dealing with gender violence

Nov 19, 2007

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is to host a symposium entitled “Gender Violence and New Technologies” on 26th November to coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women that will show how new technology applications can be used in tackling ill treatment.  

This will be the first scientific event to be organised on a national scale, specifically on new technologies aimed at combating ill treatment and gender violence against women. During this day conference, practical workshops will take place in which innovative methods will be displayed on both how to ensure the safety of victims and to develop therapies aimed at reducing the after-effects that ill-treated people suffer from.

This meeting, organised by the Valencia Regional Government, will bring together the experts and professionals involved in the different aspects of gender violence from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Jaume I University of Castellón and the University of Murcia, with the aim of proposing new models of social action and recovery for the victims of violence. The companies Indra and Labhuman will also be taking part, sharing their IT development skills, applied to health and social welfare.