The Oceanographic Park organizes the first course in endoscopy applied to marine mammals

Nov 30, 2007

The Oceanographic Park of the City of Arts and Sciences has organised the first course in endoscopy applied to marine mammals. This will bring together the most important specialists in the technique and will show the future possibilities that endoscopy provides as a diagnostic and therapeutic method.  
The event will be held in the Science Museum’s Santiago Grisolía Auditorium from tomorrow, Saturday 1st, until next Tuesday 4th December. It is mainly aimed at veterinarians who work with these animals. They will present their own clinical cases with the aim of establishing a forum to discuss the suitability of each of the techniques used.

Among the more noteworthy participants, there is William Van Bonn, in charge of veterinary services at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, who will speak about endoscopy in the respiratory system. James McBain, responsible for veterinary services in Seaworld, will also be present to talk on topics related to endoscopy in the digestive apparatus and reproductive system, with a view to artificial insemination. Samuel Dover, a specialist in rigid endoscopy and laparoscopic surgery, will also participate.

Doctor Elena Mora and Doctor José Sampayo, from Fundación Valenciana para la Investigación Veterinaria (VIVE) (Valencian Foundation for Veterinary Research), will speak about the latest advances in human endoscopy medicine and its application to the veterinary field, specifically in the treatment of marine mammals.