The Oceanográfico puts on an exhibition on the ecological importance of coral

Nov 9, 2007

The Oceanográfic of the City of Arts and Sciences is hosting, until 31st March 2008, an exhibition entitled “Corals, architects of the ocean”, in which, by means of graphic items and pieces of coral, it aims to raise awareness on the biological universe that gave rise to this zoological species, as well as the important role that corals play from an ecological view in ocean dynamics.   
The Oceanográfico puts on an exhibition on the ecological importance of coral By means of graphic panels with texts and images, as well as a collection of 43 unique pieces of coral, taken mostly from the collection of Pedro Franco Dávila, the first manager of the Royal natural History Studio, now called the National Natural Sciences Museum, the exhibition deals with biodiversity, distribution and its biological, social and economic importance.

Furthermore, “Corals, architects of the ocean” falls within the historical context associated with the origin of the pieces on display, taking into account the scientific campaigns undertaken in the 18th century in which they were collected, without overlooking the fact that this collection is also related to the origins of the modern system of biological classification and of modern taxonomy.

Situated in the Access Building of the Oceanográfico, the exhibition adds to the cultural provision of the Oceanográfico which includes other exhibitions and various dissemination activities, such as “Water: colours and reflections”, a set of 17 works made by the painter Isabel Miras using different techniques, more specifically oil paints, acrylics and collage with water as the common theme.