The Oceanogràfic (aquarium) is hosting the exhibition "Canvass for Climate Change"

Dec 14, 2009

The Oceanogràfic (aquarium) is hosting the exhibition Until 10th January 2010 the Oceanogràfic (Aquarium) of the City of Arts and Sciences will be hosting the Intermón Oxfam exhibition “Canvass for Climate Change”, which is the result of a world initiative by Oxfam International. This exhibition is being held in the Access Building of the Oceanogràfic and consists of 14 canvasses painted by artists from countries such as Mozambique, India, Hong Kong, Australia, China, the United Kingdom, and Bangladesh. It is accompanied by explanatory posters on which the authors tell of the inspiration for their work and how climatic change is affecting their surroundings. It is a symbolic way of representing artistically the concern of all the world’s countries in the form of the debates on climatic change that are being held at the United Nations.