Tomorrow the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum offers a Jupiter observation session

Apr 27, 2005

Tomorrow (Thursday 28 April) in the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum an astronomical session to observe Jupiter will be held. This activity is part of the series "Astronomy at the Museum 2005", which includes lectures and observation sessions with telescopes and which is being held in the City of the Arts and Sciences for the second year running in collaboration with the the Valencia Astronomy Association (Asociación Valenciana de Astronomía, AVA).  
Those interested in taking part in this activity, which is completely free, can enrol at the Museum information counter or on the web site of the City of the Arts and Sciences, The activity planned for tomorrow (Thursday) will begin at 20:30 hours in the Museum Auditorium with a talk and debate led by Francisco Izquierdo Gómez, the Coordinator of the Selenography Section of the AVA.

As from 21:30 hours, the telescope observation session will begin from the roof of the Science Museum, weather permitting. During the session qualified Science Museum and AVA staff will help members of the public to make their own astronomical observations.

Tomorrow night Jupiter’s shine rivals that of Venus. The telescope image will show the intense dark bands parallel to the Equator and the huge whirls that originate in the limit between areas and bands. The passage of Jupiter’s satellites in front of the planet is frequent and can be seen live by means of a video camera installed on one of the telescopes.
· Thursday 28 April
· 20:30 hours. Lecture. Santiago Grisolía Auditorium. From 21:30 hours observation from the north projection.
· Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Valencia