The Science Museum presents the "Star Trek. Welcome Aboard" exhibition for the first time in Europe

Jul 22, 2010

The collection includes a replica of the control bridge of the Enterprise
The Science Museum presents the For the first time in Europe, the ‘Príncipe Felipe’ Science Museum will be hosting the ‘Star Trek’. Welcome Aboard’ exhibition, which includes original items from the “Star Trek” series and films presented on a meticulously prepared set that will beam up visitors to the starship “Enterprise”.

General Manager of the City of Arts and Sciences, Pedro García Ribot, pointed out that the new exhibition covers “an extraordinary selection of some of the most important props in the Star Trek episodes, as well as from the films”. The opening was attended by series expert and author of Star Trek y los derechos humanos (“Star Trek and Human Rights”), Alfonso García Figueroa, and members of the Star Trek Club of Spain.

The exhibition can be visited until February 2011. It includes a replica of the control bridge, models and original objects as well as audiovisual material relating to this legendary series, that was able to predict the future as it anticipated inventions such as the laser beam, CAT scan, the mobile phone or automatic doors. Pedro García Ribot pointed out that Star Trek “is one of the cult science-fiction series most directly takes its inspiration from science”.

Original items

As visitors go through the exhibition, they will see more than 10 model starships, two of them large-scale, more than 20 pieces of original costumes and props from the films and series, the replica of the control bridge of the Enterprise, and a collection of 15 character heads, as well as other art and audiovisual content. Visitors will see the different stages in the creation of one of the series. The exhibition begins with a video paying tribute to the series creator Gene Rodenberry, made by his children.

One can also see scripts of some of the episodes, posters of the films and a mural with concept art for the various stages of the saga. All this is accompanied by a timeline of the story narrated through the different captains’ logs.

In the area showing costume designs, we see the creative process and the work involved in making the vast range of costumes in the series, with 20 original pieces from the Star Trek uniforms. Heroes and villains come face to face, both in the series and in the exhibition, which includes Spock’s uniform, the Uhura uniform and that of the Borg Queen, as well as items used in the last Star Trek film of 2009.

The exhibition also has one space devoted to the imaginary world of Star Trek and its futuristic sets and accessories, culminating in a life-size recreation of the control bridge of the “Enterprise-D” from the series Star Trek: The New Generation. In an area closet o the bridge we find original items such as Captain James T. (Tiberius) Kirk’s office chair, the Klingon navigation chair, the throne of the Klingon emperor and a transfusion chair.

Another feature of this series was the character design; different species with very diverse appearances - Klingons, Borgs, Romulans, Ferengis, Vulcans. The exhibition includes model heads illustrating some of these species, as well as a collection of props designed for the series, such as the intercoms.